To Be a Man" Remix: A Groundbreaking Fatherhood Anthem by Dax and Collaborators

Song of the Century for Father's Rights....

Dax has once again worked his magic with the remix of "To Be a Man," collaborating with an incredible lineup of artists. Join us in making an impact by engaging with this masterpiece – LIKE, comment, and SHARE everywhere! 🙏🏾♥

Let us know which verses resonate with you the most! This remix is breaking new ground – a feat never achieved before!

Follow the Instagram accounts of all the talented artists in the order listed below, as well as in the description. Click here to stream the remix EVERYWHERE:

  1. Atlus:
  2. Ben Becker:
  3. The Mediary:
  4. Hailey Dayton:
  5. Brutha Rick:
  6. Phix:
  7. Shane Fraenkel:
  8. Skywalker DaVinci:
  9. ThaGreatWhite:
  10. Kaveman Brown:

This rendition stands as the Song of The Century for Father's Rights, and we, at the Justice For Fathers Movement, are delighted to share it with you. Join us in spreading the message! #ToBeAManRemix #Dax #FatherhoodAnthem #JusticeForFathers #ImpactfulMusic

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